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Current stats tell us that 61% of adults in Brisbane North are obese and as many as 40% of visits to the GP are for obesity-related conditions. Unfortunately, the patient-management strategies required for effective weight-loss are typically not congruent with the demands of general practice. This is where North Brisbane Weight Loss is here to help.

North Brisbane Weight loss offers a medically-developed protocol designed to provide doctors and their patients with a life-long, health-enhancing solution to achieving weight loss and improving health, the right way. In fact, our protocol is currently used in the US and Canada to reverse metabolic syndrome and for pre-cardiac surgery.

The key principles of our diet protocol are:

  1. Low carbohydrate
  2. Adequate amounts of the highest quality protein
  3. Low fat
  4. Generous amounts of micro-nutrients and omega 3 oils.

Our number one priority is safety, then improvement of metabolic health and finally, weight loss. A typical dieter will experience:

  1. No hunger
  2. Improvements in cardiovascular risk measures
  3. Fat loss of 1-2 kg/week for women and 2-3 kg/week for men every week
  4. Maintenance or even increases in muscle and organ tissue mass

Further, no exercise is required.

Some cases do require medical co-management and we are careful to screen for those up front and engage the patient's GP in the process.

Above all the dieter is supported with weekly weigh in's and engaged in a process of education on the keys to losing weight and keeping it off. The results achieved with this method are repeatable and maintainable. The only times we don't have success is when patients don't follow our protocols.

Along with weight loss patients also commonly see improvements in metabolic/obesity-related conditions including: reduction of blood pressure often within weeks, improved glycemic control and reduction of inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and skin conditions. Some women have experienced marked improvements in PCOS and many patients report improved cognition with reduced anxiety and depression.

We are committed to the lifestyle approach to weight loss and weight maintenance and giving dieter's the support they need for long term success. We highly value the work doctors are doing in our community and are here to assist to make a real and positive impact on the health of their patients.

Doctor's can refer patients to to learn more and book online, or alternatively click  on the link: to email any questions, concerns or referrals.

























Cameron D is a 39 year old male who came to NBWL in December of 2016 looking to lose weight and learn better eating habits.  Cameron came experiencing inflammation throughout his body, especially in his back and feet which were discoloured and swollen.

Body Composition - 3rd December 2016:

  • 113kg overall body weight
  • 45% body fat
  • Visceral fat rating: 24
  • Lean Muscle mass: 58kg
  • Metabolic age: 71

We determined a target weight of 76 kg and 20% body fat.  Estimated weight loss for men is 1.5-3 kilograms weekly and we calculated an estimated weight loss period of 17 to 42 weeks to reach target weight.

We allowed for a 2 kg overshoot beyond target weight of 76 kg for Phase 2 of our weight loss protocol, where we gradually increase carbohydrates over a 2 week period after goal weight is achieved.

Cameron has followed the diet successfully for 31 weeks without deviating from the approved foods list we recommend whilst eating the daily proteins. Cameron's goal weight has been achieved and he is currently in Phase 2 of the protocol.

Body Composition -  3rd July 2017:

  • 73 kg overall body weight
  • 19% body fat
  • Visceral fat rating: 9
  • Lean Muscle mass: 56kg
  • Metabolic age: 42

Cameron no longer experiences back pain or inflammation in his body and both feet, seeing discolouration improved up to 80%.  He has reported to be less fatigued and sleeping better on a regular basis. He is educated about eating healthy and well equipped to maintain weight loss.


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