Goals. You’re doing it wrong.

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I don’t always roll my eyes, but when I do it’s because I’ve heard another story about a weight loss goal that sounds like: ‘I want to lose weight to find a spouse,’ or ‘I’m going to a friend’s wedding in 6 weeks,’ or ‘I want to look good for my overseas holiday.’

Look, setting goals is important and any motivation is good to get some leverage, but it’s essential to make the core of your goal about your health. If we fail to allow our health to be the main driver for weight loss, we can easily trap ourselves into the monotony of the yo-yo diet. This imbalance on the goal scale can gratify short term success but overshadow long term ambition; often causing us to lose momentum and go backwards. In other words, the wedding is over, the dress goes back in the closet but you and the cake still want to party.

TRUTH – Celebrations come and go,
But the state of your health remains.

Here’s a tip, the core goal is good health and long life, so use your loved ones for good motivation on your weight loss journey. This is a master key for unlocking permanent change, as what matters most is what you’re teaching your kids today and you need to ask yourself if your eating habits will guide them toward a long and healthy life for themselves. Perhaps inspiring a loved one whose health is suffering, or at risk can motivate you to do better for them, and for you. Think bigger, lead by example and build a legacy of health.

Lastly, if you stay on the main road of good health throughout your journey, you remain accountable; leaving less room to justify bad food at every turn. With your goals in balance your perspective on health will shift daily, revealing what you’re really capable of achieving and how you’re really supposed to be living. You will learn and know in the inmost place of yourself that the state of your health is what matters most, and any weight loss journey should always begin with an end in mind of maintaining good health for life.

Take home thought:
Goals. Do them for you and your loved ones.

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