5 Weight Loss Myths Debunked

5 weight loss myths debunked

Myths About Weight Loss

With so many pervasive myths about weight loss being promoted and shared, it's no wonder people are so confused when trying to pick and stick-to a diet! To have success, you need to have clarity and belief in the weight-loss method that you choose.

Below are the most common myths we hear about.

Don't Lose Weight Quickly - Go Slowly

You've heard it a million times: If you lose weight super quickly, it'll be hard to keep that weight off in the long-run, compared to losing weight slowly and steadily. Turns out there's not much research to support this, and that weight-loss retention is a lot more complicated than the speed at which you drop the pounds at the outset.

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You MUST Exercise to Lose Weight

This one is probably the most common and pervasive myth we constantly hear. Watch the video to the left to learn why this is wrong.

Fat People Are Unhealthy, Thin People are Healthy.

It is true that obesity is associated with an increased risk of several chronic diseases. This includes type 2 diabetes, heart disease, increased risk of some cancers, and others. 

However, there are still plenty of people with obesity who are metabolically healthy, and plenty of thin people who have these same chronic diseases. It seems to matter where the fat builds up. If you have a lot of fat in the abdominal area, around the organs, then this type of fat is much more strongly associated with metabolic disease.The fat that builds up under the skin, the subcutaneous fat, is more of a cosmetic problem.

Bottom Line: Obesity is linked to several chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. However, many people with obesity are metabolically healthy, and many thin people are not.

You Need to Count Calories for Effective Weight Loss

Foods affect our bodies in different ways and go through different metabolic pathways. Not only that, but the foods we eat can directly affect the hormones that regulate when and how much we eat.

Therefore, the types of foods we base our diet around are just as important as the amount of calories we are eating.

The centrepiece of our protocol are our gourmet protein based foods developed for the weight loss phases of our diet. Together with real foods and meats recommended from our approved food list you'll lose weight, gain health and never go hungry!


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